Single Speed Trailer Winch

Part No 142311
We manufacture a full line of Fulton brand single speed winches designed to meet your toughest pulling demands. Our winches feature efficient gear ratios, full-length drum bearings, oil-impregnated shaft bushings, and our "Comfort Grip" handle for ease of cranking. All gears are high-carbon steel for superb strength and long-term durability. Stamped carbon steel frames provide rigidity for gear alignment and longer cycle life. Zinc finishes provide excellent corrosion resistance in all environments. All models are designed for use with rope or strap. For end user convenience, most models are available with factory installed straps and hooks. Our XLT Series includes stylized polypropylene shell with strap and hook as standard features. The T1300 and T1500 models offer optional gear covers, gear train protection, and added styling like T1500ZC.
  • 4:1:1 gear ration
  • 8 In. handle
  • Two way ratchet
  • Includes 20 ft. x 2 In. strap
  • All gears are made of high carbon steel
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • 1400 lb. capacity TW / GTW
Brand: Fulton
Part Number: 142311
Warranty: Limited 5 Year Warranty
UPC: 016118142631
Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5" x 9" (Shipping)
Weight: 8.15 lbs
Number of Straps: 1
Cable Length: 20 ft.
Gear Ratio: 4.1:1
Housing Material: Aluminum
Type: Ratchet
Color: Silver
Hardware Included: Yes
Hook Included: Yes
Waterproof: Yes

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This product is not vehicle specific.
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